Kit Building Installation

Buildings Supplied and Ready for Installation

Kit Buildings Group provides custom building installation instructions for each and every building manufactured, which are delivered along with the building to site. We have dedicated construction teams who can complete any installation from a custom design to a standard style building. Our teams are fully trained with safety and quality as their top priorities.

Kit Buildings construction teams are familiar with our projects from the manufacturing stage to completing steel work preparation and fabrications. This procedure ensures our teams are kept up to date with any changes, providing a greater understanding of the project and its construction requirements.

KBS is committed to the principles and the implementation of all construction health and safety legislation including the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations of 2007, which forms the basis of current site safety planning.

Have Your Kit Building Delivered

We at Kit Buildings Limited have great resources & experience to find the perfect solution for your custom-building requirements. This is the reason that we have been the best choice for many large industrial projects. Our installation contractors can deliver a complete solution, as well as a site visit if required. We only hire thoroughly certified and technically skilled people or those hold expertise in their field for the highest quality installation. Moreover, they are experienced in handling projects of different sizes ranging across the globe. Once hired, these technicians ensure the client is completely satisfied and their installations are quick and hassle free.

All Inclusive Kit Building Solutions

Kit Buildings believe in providing all inclusive solutions. Hence, as well as providing high-end set-ups, we provide bespoke cleaning and regulation contracts as well. The heart of our business is the enjoyment of helping our clients achieve their business objectives, and we are always flexible about adapting our buildings to fit our client’s peculiar sites or special requirements.

Our Services

Step One

Configuration & Design

Our Buildings are designed based on current and future needs. Optimised layout and configuration to comply with customers commercial operations. Relate interior and exterior features as required.

Configuration and Design

Step Two

Site Installation

We have a highly qualified and greatly experienced team of installation crew, who are experts in steel building construction. We thoroughly assess all of our installation contractors to ensure they are qualified and insured to carry out the installation of Steel Framed Buildings.

Please feel free to contact Steel Building installers on, 01638 485048 or visit their website at in regards to all your installation enquiries.

Site Installation

Step Three

Maintenance & Servicing

Permanent Buildings do not generally require maintenance. Whereas with Temporary Buildings, it can be useful to have inspections from our service experts approximately 18 months after installation to ensure that no anchors, bolts or other components have moved.

Maintenance and Servicing
As Well as Our Regular Installation Services, We Also Provide: