Frequently Asked Questions

We will complete the delivery to the site within a maximum time of 12 weeks.

We supply comprehensive installation instructions with every building however we also provide a turnkey installation service if required.

Yes certainly, we offer bespoke sizing for all our products.

Yes we can. Our engineers will listen to your requirements then provide structural drawings to find a design which will fully meet your criteria.

For our temporary PVC buildings, planning permission is not generally required. These type of buildings are deemed as temporary buildings and by definition do not require planning permission. However for range of permanent steel buildings, including insulated and non-insulated buildings do require planning permission if intended for permanent construction.

Our standard size shutter door is 3.5m x 4m (W x H), however this can be changed as per the requirements of the customer.

We can supply any colour within the RAL colour chart. Typically for common colours, there is no additional charge.

RAL Colour Chart

Yes we do, however this will determined on an individual basis by your local sales office.

Our buildings are designed to be installed directly onto an even concrete surface without the requirement for foundations. Installing onto soft or uneven ground will require foundations.

The depth of the concrete base required for a permanent building should sit at 200mm, whereas temporary buildings or PVC buildings do not require foundations but may be advised dependant on the size of the building, existing surface and purpose for use. If you would like to provide us with images of your site we will happily offer our advice on this.

We certainly do. We supply and install for many international and domestic customers. We have strategically located storage facilities in the UK, US, Canada & Germany so that we can service our customers well and supply our buildings quickly.

Whilst this is not an issue for our insulated buildings, it can, on occasion, cause an issue for temporary or PVC buildings located within a particularly cold environment. The solution for this is that we can provide a polyethene fabric also called PE which is a lighter type of architectural fabric fitted to the inner frame of the internal roof trusses and purlins. Compared to the standard PVC fabric, PE fabric is quick to dry and it self cleans very well with dirt and other elements washing off when it rains, and it does work to double layer the inside of the roof of the storage tent.

Yes we follow all standard codes of practice in our designs and construction. Our component suppliers boast various ISO accreditations.

We will endeavour to rectify this for you with the upmost expediency. Our after sales and customer service teams are always on hand to assist as well as provide any ongoing support.

We take great pride in our production systems and quality assurance processes. We do not expect to be beaten on price or quality, however, we will always carefully review any other quote you may have received to offer our advice as well as review the price at the discretion of our sales manager.