As the Leading Manufacturer of Semi-Permanent and Permanent Buildings Creates and Provides Military Shelters

At Kit Buildings, our industrial-grade PVC and fabric storage units are ideal for military uses. Whether it is domestically as storage shelters for military equipment, aircraft, vehicles or supplies or overseas in a more mission-critical way for rapid deployment, our temporary and permanent structures are a popular choice. We understand the need for these structures to be robust, weatherproof, fireproof, and secure enough that they meet military security standards.

Since the company was formed many years ago, Kit Buildings has been working hard at maintaining an enviable reputation in the industry. It is thanks to the versatility, flexibility, and reliability of our structures that we command such a reputation. Therefore if you are looking for tough, secure, and durable military shelters for any use at all that can be fully customised, we can help.

Galvanised Steel Framed Military Buildings

All our military shelters, whether you need them for rapid deployment overseas, as aircraft hangars on domestic soil, or storage units for supplies and equipment, are made to the same high standard. It all begins with a galvanised steel frame that provides a tough and durable structure for the shelters. We appreciate the fact that military personnel and units have so many factors they need to consider. You need strong and reliable structures that are weather-resistant and fire-resistant, because there are a lot of people working in and around them and the equipment, supplies, vehicles, and aircraft stored are expensive and important to military operations. More than that, particularly if you are installing these structures overseas, you need to be sure they offer protection against other armed forces trying to infiltrate them.
Military Shelters
Military Shelters

3 Reasons to Buy from Kit Buildings

It has been touched upon, but whenever you are planning on using military shelters and storage units, you will want to ensure that they offer optimal protection against the elements. As well as keeping military equipment, supplies and, crucially, aircraft and vehicles dry and safe, they are also able to keep your team safe and dry too.

Mission and operations-critical equipment and supplies that may be susceptible to damage from the sun, are also protected by our structures as they block out the harmful UV rays. We also have designed our military shelters so they can feature thermostat temperature controls that help keep them comfortable to work in, regardless of what the temperature and climate are outside.

As we have such a diverse variety of customers here at Kit Buildings making use of our permanent and semi-permanent shelters, we know how important it is that they are customisable. Particularly in a military setting, as you are likely to have different requirements from one location to another. That is why, if you can’t find the structure that suits your needs from the selection of standard sizes and colours that we offer, speak to one of our team about more bespoke solutions.

We can design and manufacture PVC and fabric storage shelters to your specific needs and requirements. As colour may be important when operating overseas, we can also ensure your structures will be adequately camouflaged.

Kit Buildings, from the time when we established the business until now, has always been a customer-focused company at heart. In keeping with that important part of our reputation, we are fully committed to providing additional and ongoing assistance and support long after we have manufactured, delivered, and installed your temporary structures.

We can provide regular safety inspections, repairs, and other maintenance services, as well as dismantling and reinstalling whenever you need it. This means you don’t need to worry about your temporary and permanent military shelters, as we will take responsibility for the cleaning and servicing of them, allowing you to stay focused on your own operations.

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Whether you require more information before buying or need to thrash out the details of your customised military shelters, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team here at Kit Buildings. As a customer-focused company, we are very easy to reach, either by phone on 020 8617 8606, email to or if you are in the Essex area and want to pop in and see us in person, you can find us at Unit B6 in J31 Park along Motherwell Way in West Thurrock, Essex.