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We Provide High Quality Marine Shelters

Kit Buildings supplies a range of high-quality PVC Buildings with galvanised solid steel frames that are perfect for protecting boats and other marine vessels or sensitive goods travelling by water. This includes Marine workshops, marine storage shelters and boat storage shelters.

These portable buildings can be lifted and moved depending on the needs of the project, allowing work to continue despite any conditions that may come about. These marine storage buildings can be climate controlled and dehumidified, providing optimum conditions for work in marine environments and workspaces.

With several options for sizing, colours and your choice of either a winch operated Steel-Framed PVC doors or Automatic Roller Shutters, these storage buildings can be customised to fit your needs and preferences.

A Quick Summary
  • High quality builds using solid galvanised steel frames
  • Perfect choice for the storage of any type of marine vessel
  • Easily movable depending on the project
  • Enjoy optimum working conditions through climate control
  • A range of different sizes and colours to choose from
  • Customisable to your requirements
Marine Shelters
Marine Shelters
4 Reasons to Buy From Us

The high quality membrane materials and galvanised steel frames that we use are extremely durable. This ensures that they are reliable for many years to come, resulting in making the cost of our marine shelters more economical compared to many other providers that don’t use quality materials.

Kit Buildings’ marine shelters can be quickly put together, taken down and transported.

We have a dedicated team of construction experts available to install and maintain any of our marine shelters.

We have a dedicated Customer Care team who are on hand to provide help and support as and when you need it. Our commitment to providing the best possible customer service is our top priority and we will continue to support our customer after the marine shelter has been installed.