A Leader in the Temporary and Permanent Storage Structure Business, Kit Buildings Provide a Variety of Environmental Shelters​

Environmental issues such as recycling and the safe disposal of waste products are hot topics right now, as many businesses and individuals are trying to do their part to have greener operations. At Kit Buildings, we are very well aware of how big an impact even our own services and activities can have on the environment, which is why we do our best to counter the harm with eco-positive processes and using environmentally-friendly materials where possible.

We are also trying to help make a difference by designing and prefabricating strong and durable environmental shelters. Whether it is to help you with an ongoing recycling or safe waste disposal programme or a one-off clear-up of your business premises or a worksite, we have PVC and Steel structures to help.

Strong and Reliable Environmental Shelters

Designed and built offsite at our special manufacturing plant, our environmental structures all feature a reinforced steel frame, whether you opt for an all-steel building or a PVC option. The sturdiness and reliability of any facility to safely contain environmental waste of all kinds is crucial. The last thing you want, when trying to do your best to support eco-friendly efforts, is to have an environmental disaster on your hands.

Fortunately, by choosing Kit Buildings as your safe environmental shelter manufacturer and supplier, you can prevent that from happening. Thanks to the design and layout of the buildings, it is easy to transport waste products and recycling in and out and once it is properly stored, there is no way of any of it seeping out into the surrounding area. This means that it not only protects the land and your property but your workers, members of the public and any wildlife that inhabits the area.

Environmental Shelters
Environmental Shelters

3 Reasons to Buy from Kit Buildings

The combination of water and large quantities of waste and recycling is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, the shelter you choose must be water and weatherproof. If much of the environmental waste you are storing is also flammable, the last thing you want is it to be in direct contact with the sun.

AS we have been working in the industry for many years now, we are very well aware of these kinds of issues and have addressed them head-on with the design and layout of our temporary and permanent waste and recycling storage facilities. The fact that the structures will keep the sun and rain out not only prevents potential damage to the local area but protects your team members who are responsible for transporting, sorting, and dealing with the waste.

Over the years, Kit Buildings has handled design and building projects for a variety of different clients from all industries and residential homeowners too. To help us meet the very various unique needs and requirements, we have several different sizes and colour options for all our environmental shelters.

Don’t worry though if you can’t find one that matches the dimensions and capacity you require. We are also able to complete bespoke design and construction projects. Simply contact us directly to discuss your specific needs and we will take it from there.

We are a very customer-focused company and as such we don’t believe that our responsibility to you ends after we have designed, built, and installed your environmental shelter. We will continue to provide you with support and maintenance, where necessary, after that initial delivery and installation.

For more temporary solutions, for example, we will come back out to dismantle and uninstall your shelter when it is no longer required. For long-term, permanent structures, we will provide you with regular cleaning, safety, and structural integrity inspections.

Speak to the Kit Buildings Team Today

Do you have recycling or environmental waste handling and storage responsibilities you need help with? Would you like more information about our safe environmental waste structures? Get in contact with one of the team today. As a customer-driven business, we want you to feel completely confident in our services and satisfied with the finished products once they are on site. Particularly if you need a custom-built structure, the process all begins with a conversation.

You can contact us easily by emailing info@kitbuildings.com, calling 020 8617 8606 or you can even drop by our office and business premises if you are local to us. We are at Unit B6, on Motherwell Way in J31 Park, West Thurrock.