Kit Buildings is the Leading Provider of all Kinds of Permanent and Temporary Aircraft Hangars​

When you have an aircraft, having a safe and secure place to keep it, is a must. Whether it is for recreational use or business purposes, you will still want to protect your investment. First and foremost, you need space. If it is for personal and recreational use, it’s unlikely you will have the area necessary to store it by your home, and even if you are able to store it onsite for business purposes, there will be times when it is unsupervised. That means you need an appropriately sized and highly secure structure that is well-designed and built to stand the test of time. That’s when it’s time to turn to us.

At Kit Buildings, based in West Thurrock, Essex, we are the leading provider of semi-permanent and permanent structures in the UK and have a reputation for manufacturing high quality, long-lasting and practical structures that are as easy to assemble and erect as they are to dismantle. One of the types of buildings and shelters that we specialise in particularly is aviation hangars.

Robust and Durable Aircraft Storage Buildings​

Our prefabricated aircraft hangars are designed and built off-site from high-quality materials that meet industry standards. Whether you choose a PVC building or a steel building, you benefit from the same galvanised steel frames that provide the stability and rigidity you need when you are looking for coverage for your aircraft.

Our frames are guaranteed to withstand even the strongest of winds and will hold up and provide suitable protection for your aeroplanes or helicopters for a very long time. Even if you only need a temporary aircraft hangar, whether it’s because you will not be using your aircraft or are keeping it in storage before moving it to another location, you will still get the same level of durability.   

Aviation Hangar
Aircraft Hangar Storage Building

3 Reasons to Buy from Kit Buildings

Another key criteria that make our PVC and steel aircraft hangers stand out from the crowd and perfect for protecting your investment is the fact that they are designed with fire retardant material. At Kit Buildings were aware that accidents can happen all too easily and even when they are not accidents and deliberate attempts at vandalism, the materials used are capable of keeping your aircraft safe, while also keeping the landscape safe by containing any fires.

As experienced aircraft hangar builders, we know also that even when there is no human error involved, the elements can cause real problems for planes and helicopters. That is why it is important to choose structures like ours that are UV resistant and weatherproof, so that not only will the buildings themselves be protected against the adverse effects of the changeable weather we have in the UK, but so too will the aircraft you are storing inside them.

Finally, as our temporary and permanent structures are available for competitively affordable prices, they are designed with customers from various commercial industries as well as many non-commercial clients, they are fully customisable. If you have been finding it hard to source an aircraft hangar that will accommodate the number of different aircraft and different sizes of aircraft, we can help.

Both the PVC and steel structures we have to offer, whether they are semi permanent or permanent, are available in a number of different sizes and colours.

Even if you can’t find the size or colour you would like, you can contact us and discuss your requirements and we will do what we can to meet them.

As we are looking to build lasting partnerships with all of our customers and always want to give you the best experience possible, even after we have delivered and installed your permanent or temporary aircraft hangar, we will continue to support you with a variety of maintenance services, including cleaning, safety inspections and complete dismantling and un-installation as and when required.

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If you are interested in buying one of our high quality, robust and long-lasting temporary or permanent aircraft hangars, and need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can call us on 020 8617 8606, email us at or, if you are in the Essex area, pop along to Unit 33 in J31 Park, West Thurrock to meet with us in person. One of our team will be able to discuss with you what you need and how we can help.