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If you own vehicles, like cars or vans, for either commercial or personal use, you will want to protect them from the elements. For a portable but robust and reliable solution that still provides you with easy access, look no further than the carport vehicle canopy portable garage we manufacture and supply here at Kit Buildings.

With a box section steel cladding covering that is built onto a tough and long-lasting galvanised steel frame, our carport vehicle canopy portable garage is designed to provide your cars and vans with the protection you need.

Custom Sizing
At Kit Buildings, as standard our carport vehicle canopy portable garage is available in two sizes – 16.4 x 10 x 9.2ft and 16.4 x 20 x 12ft. We have found that these are ideal for most customer’s uses. However, we understand that you may have bigger vehicles or a greater number of vehicles you would like to protect from the rain and snow.

That is why we offer customised sizing for our carport canopy. If you want to avail yourself of this, make sure you tell us the dimensions you need when you first contact us.

Choice of Different Colours
While it is true that you will mainly be investing in our carport vehicle canopy structure for its practicality and usefulness, you will want to make sure it is smart and is not an eyesore. That is why we have ensured that, as standard, we offer a nice selection of smart and appealing cladding colours. You can choose from grey, white, green, red, or blue. If none of these colours is appealing to your taste and preference, get in contact with us and we will see what we can do to provide you with carport cladding in a colour you do like.

Easy Installation
One of the things we feel that sets our products apart from many of our competitor’s offerings is the fact that they are incredibly easy to install. Your vehicle canopy will arrive in a large and durable metal crate and comes with full instructions. If you do not have the time or inclination to complete this yourself, speak to us at the time of ordering and we will be able to come to your property and install it for you.

  • UK-wide and International delivery available. Contact our team directly for more information.
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At Kit Building Systems, we aim to provide solutions that match every client’s specification, to the best of our ability. We want all of our carport vehicle canopies to suit the client’s needs with its practicality and usefulness. We produce the vehicle canopy in two standard sizes but we understand that your vehicles may be bigger or you may wish to store a greater number of vehicles under the carport. We are happy to offer customised sizing for your new carport canopy. Our friendly staff will discuss your preferred dimensions and work with our designers to come up with the ideal canopy, that suits your needs.

We consider that the aesthetics of our vehicle canopies is almost as important as their function. Our clients are looking for a carport that is as smart, as it is robust. We offer a nice selection of appealing cladding colours. The standard range includes grey, white, green, red, or blue. If none of these colours is suitable for your site, we can provide you further choices, to settle on a carport cladding in a colour you do like.

With long-lasting performance in mind, Kit Building Systems insists on only using top quality construction materials to build our structures. Our vehicle canopies are fabricated with a box section steel covering that is built onto a tough and durable galvanised steel frame. The steel framing is strong, light weight and rust resistant and the roof cladding has been engineered to withstand our tough British conditions. The 100% waterproof roofing has been built to last, with premium construction materials that are fully engineered. All our materials are, of course, fully compliant with British Standards.

The vehicle canopy provides portable and reliable storage for a wide variety of purposes. It can be used by cars, of course, both commercial or privately owned. However, clients have also applied its storage capacity to vans, boats, trailers, and anything else that needs shelter from the elements.

The vehicle canopy functions as a temporary and relocatable garage solution designed to provide your vehicles and stored items with shelter from harsh weather conditions like rain, snow or hot sun.

We can confidently claim that our vehicle canopies are carefully designed to be very easy to assemble and erect. Your canopy kit will be delivered in a large metal crate and it comes with a comprehensive guide on how to install it. Anybody can follow the simple steps, there’s no welding required, and you can put the whole kit together in no time at all. However, if you prefer us to install the vehicle canopy, we are happy to help. Just speak to us at the time of ordering and we will take care of everything.

We certainly do! We have delivery services throughout Britain, and even overseas. We can guarantee you’ll receive on-time, hassle-free delivery. Just get in touch with our team directly for more information about delivery prices and time frames.

Most definitely! Kit Building Systems strictly adheres to all of the relevant UK building regulations and standard codes that govern and protect our industry. Not only are we fully compliant with our own designs and construction methodologies, we insist on our suppliers also being fully compliant and holding the relevant ISO accreditations. In fact, we are not only compliant to UK codes and regulations, we are also compliant with the relevant USA building codes.

At Kit Building Systems we design our shelters to be erected directly onto a level, poured concrete surface without the need for foundations. However, if the structure is going directly onto uneven ground, a building pad may need to be prepared by levelling the spot, or it may require foundations to be installed first. Please consult our helpful team of experienced staff who will carefully go through any site assessment issues with you.

Our team understands that, by their temporary nature, many of our storage shelters are only required for certain applications and when the project comes to an end they are no longer needed. We do have a policy of buying back pre-owned structures that are in good condition, however this needs to be determined on an individual basis by your local sales office who will carefully assess the situation.

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