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Are you looking to expand or handle an overspill of orders or are your current warehousing and storage facilities in need of an upgrade? The steel building structure that we have here at Kit Buildings may be the perfect solution.

Designed with heavy-duty industrial use in mind, these are built on double-truss galvanised steel frames and covered in box section-style steel cladding to offer the structure itself and everyone and everything inside adequate protection against the weather, fire, theft, and injury. This means that your products, raw materials, machinery, vehicles and even personnel will always be safe.

Different Options for the Main Doors
In the interest of trying to provide as customised structures as we possibly can to our customers, we offer the choice of different main door options for our simple, but effective steel buildings. You can either choose a manual metal roller shutter or an automatic metal roller shutter controlled by either switch or remote. You can also order a different size of the door if the standard of 3.5m x 4m is not suitable and we can also provide you with multiple doors to create multiple entry points if you require.

Choice of 5 Standard Sizes and Custom Sizes
Further to the above, we also offer a degree of flexibility and customisation when it comes to the size of your steel building. Not only do you have 5 very generous standard size options to choose from, but you can also provide us with custom dimensions if you would prefer that are going to meet your needs and requirements better.

As with any custom aspects of your order, as long as you inform us of these at the time you order, we should be able to meet your needs.

Easy to Construct and Erect
We are proud to say that our steel building storage structures are very robust and durable. They look very imposing and suitably tough. Their design can make them look a little intimidating when it comes to the thought of assembling and erecting them, for many customers, though.

There is no need to worry about installation, however, as we have specifically designed these structures so that they are easy to install and erect by just about anyone. When they are delivered to your premises, along with the components and parts, you also get a full and detailed instruction manual.

If, either due to time constraints or staffing problems, you don’t want to install your building yourself, you can always request our help.

  • Available in a variety of standard colours like red, grey, white, green, and blue. Custom colours are also available.
  • UK-wide and international delivery are available. Contact us for more information.


Kit Building Systems will respond to any notification of a fault and we will work to rectify the issue as swiftly as possible. We have after sales teams and customer service people always available to assist you with any questions or issues, and we provide ongoing support for all of our valued customers.

Absolutely! Our permanent and semi-permanent steel sheds provide custom-made storage solutions and workshops for any purpose. Our friendly team will work with you to ensure we design the perfect steel shed, built to your specific requirements. We can help design and tailor sheds to match whatever your workshop, warehousing or storage requirements may be.

This situation does sometimes crop up in colder climates. At Kit Building Systems we can address this eventuality by recommending the installation of PE. This is an additional, lighter weight polythene fabric that is fitted onto the inner side of the internal steel frame. It is a quick drying fabric and acts as a double layer to the inside of the roof to combat condensation issues.

The team here at Kit Building Systems pride ourselves on the robustness and reliability of our buildings, both temporary and permanent. Our prefabricated high tensile, steel storage buildings are made from the best quality materials with the latest technology. They perform extremely well under all weather conditions including heat, storms, wind and snow.

Kit Buildings Systems will deliver your bespoke building to site, ready for installation within 12 weeks of you placing the order, or sooner whenever possible.

At Kit Building Systems our buildings are designed to be erected directly onto a level, poured concrete surface without the need for foundations. However, if the structure is going directly onto ground with poor bearing capacity or uneven ground, it will require foundations to be installed first. That will be determined by a soil test and the foundations will need an engineering design.

Your building may not require foundations, depending on its size, and the type of ground. Every site is unique and needs to be assessed. Our team will assist you with these determinations and give you our expert advice.

Yes, they do! Kit Building Systems has adopted all of the relevant UK building regulations and standard codes that govern and protect our construction industry. Not only are we fully compliant with all of our designs and construction methodologies, we also insist on our suppliers being compliant and holding the relevant ISO accreditations. In fact, we are not only compliant to UK codes and regulations, we are also compliant with the relevant USA building codes.

We provide different options for you to choose from, for your building’s main entry door. There is the standard manual metal roller shutter door, or you can opt for the automatic metal roller shutter door, operated by a switch or by remote control.

We try to provide customised solutions for our clients where-ever possible, to suit their unique specifications as best as we can. So, if the standard door options don’t answer your requirements, we can custom design for the size or type you want, and even supply multiple doors to create alternative entry points.

They are, most definitely! At Kit Building Systems, we prefabricate all of our sheds, shelters and buildings at our factory, and we strictly adhere to all the construction sector health and safety legislation, including the UK Construction (Design and Management) Regulations of 2007. The safety of our construction people at our own site, and our installation team at your site, are of paramount importance to Kit Building Systems.

We offer a standard range of colours that we find are most popular with our clients. They include red, grey, white, green, and blue. However, custom colours are also available. We are happy to be flexible on colour, and our clients can request something else that suits their corporate branding, existing site colours, or other specifications as required.

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