Round PVC Storage Buildings

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– Building Fabric
PVC 610g /m2, UV resistant, Fire retardant.

– Galvanised Steel Frame options
Single Truss steel frame (26ft & 40ft Widths)
Double Truss steel frame (50ft Widths)

– Main Door Options
Winch Operated steel frame PVC door (standard option)
Automatic electric Metal Roller Shutter

If you require a different size door or multiple doors please inform us within your enquiry.

– Bespoke Sizes
We often supply buildings to the bespoke size & specification of our clients. If you require a different size to the standard options we offer, please let us know within your enquiry.

– Colours
Standard colours: Blue, White, Grey, Red, Green. More colours available on request.

– Packaging
Supplied in large steel crates with Instruction manual for assembly.

– Delivery
We deliver all over the UK & Internationally. Please contact us for further information.

– Questions & enquiries
Please contact our sales department with any enquiries.

– Adaptable warehouse solutions
These PVC buildings offer the versatility and adaptability that every industry needs. Many of our structures find use with multiple owners in different locations and for different applications than the structure was originally supplied for. The flexibility to relocate, resell or extend are appealing features for all tension fabric structures.

These industrial grade fabric buildings are being used to augment production capacity, maximising return on investment and lowering the risk associated with managing expansion in a growing business environment. We have the capability to adapt and customise structures to fit your warehousing and storage needs, even in uneven environments where options may seem limited.


Our PVC round storage structures are versatile and adaptable. They can be used for a multitude of purposes. Different clients have found different uses for them, once they installed them. They have proved flexible, reliable and very economical. Furthermore, they have the ability to be relocated and can be set up almost anywhere, even in difficult and challenging places where nothing else could economically be installed. Of course, we can adapt and customise these storage structures for almost any purpose you have in mind, especially where other options may seem limited.

The storage building is built with a robust, hot dip galvanised steel frame and the roof is fabricated with a either a single truss galvanised steel frame or a double truss system for extra strength.

The protective skin covering the steel frame is made from a strong, 610g/m2 PVC fabric and this provides the enclosed shelter.

The waterproof 610g/m2 PVC industrial strength material used to clad our PVC steel storage buildings is well suited to demanding work environments. It is a high-tensile strength material that is not only fire retardant but is also a UV inhibitor and has excellent tear resistant properties. This ensures that your staff working inside, and your stored inventory, equipment, machinery, and anything else contained inside the building are safe from harm.

We find with the round PVC storage buildings that we are often fabricating to the client’s required dimensions and specifications. If you need a different size to the standard options we offer, please speak with our trained staff and discuss what your exact requirements are.

There are two standard types of doors that we normally recommend for the round PVC storage building. The first option is the winch operated, steel frame PVC door and there is also an automatic electric metal roller shutter door. However, if you would prefer a different sized door or if you need multiple doors, please let us know when you enquire.

There is a standard range of colours that we find are most popular with our clients. They include blue, white, grey, red, and green. However, we can be flexible on colour, and clients can request alternative colours that suit their corporate branding, existing site colours, or other specifications as required.

Your PVC round storage building is delivered securely packed in large steel crates ready for assembly. It comes with a complete with a comprehensive, detailed installation manual, which just about anyone can easily follow and get the job done. However, our trained installation teams are here to help if you feel you would need assistance with installation. Just add the installation service in, at the time of ordering.

We certainly do! We have delivery services throughout Britain, and even overseas. We can guarantee you’ll receive reliable, on time delivery. Just get in touch with our team directly for more information about delivery prices and time frames.

At Kit Building Systems we understand that, by their very nature, many of our temporary storage shelters are only required for short periods and when the project comes to an end they are no longer needed. We do have a policy of buying back pre-owned structures that have been kept in good condition, however this needs to be determined on an individual basis by your local sales office who will carefully assess the situation

At Kit Building Systems we design all of our shelters and buildings to be installed directly onto a level, poured concrete surface without the need for foundations. However, if the structure is going directly onto uneven ground, a building pad may need to be prepared first by levelling the ground, or it may need foundations to be installed. Please consult with our helpful team of experienced staff who go through any site concerns you have.

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