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Are you interested in finding a simple, but effective, portable, but robust storage solution for heavy-duty use? Whether you are looking to expand your business operations or need a covered area to handle overspill of orders or something else, our PVC steel storage buildings are an ideal option.

It’s important to note that these PVC steel storage buildings feature a single-truss frame. If you would like to order our double-truss framed PVC steel storage building you can find it here.

As aforementioned, these are built onto a single-truss galvanised steel frame and covered with 610g/m2 PVC to provide excellent protection against fire and the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Whether you are using them simply as storage facilities or warehousing where your workers and materials, products, machinery or even vehicles will be kept and operated, everything will be safe.

Choice of Sizes (Including Custom Dimensions)

To help fulfil the needs of a wide range of customers, we have made this particular steel structure available in 7 different standard sizes. As we know only too well from working with different clients and customers from different industries and backgrounds over the years, these sizes may not be enough to meet your specific needs. That is why we offer to create truly bespoke PVC steel storage buildings with single-truss frames that will. Just be sure to supply us with the dimensions you require when you order.

Quick and Simple Installation

Structures like our PVC steel storage buildings may look a little intimidating to build. However, one of the great things about choosing to buy these structures from us here at Kit Buildings is that we ensure they are anything but difficult or time-consuming to install.

Once they arrive, along with the parts and components packaged in the metal crates, you will also find a full and detailed instruction manual. If, of course, you do not have time or workers to spare to do this on your own, just request it when ordering and we will visit your property to install and erect it for you.

  • Available in standard colours like green, red, grey, white, and blue. However, custom colours can be ordered. Speak to one of our team for more information.
  • UK and international delivery available. For more information about prices and timeframes, please contact us.


Kit Building Systems understand that every client has their own particular storage requirements. Our friendly team are happy to discuss what you have envisaged and work together with you on solutions that will meet those aims. We have considerable experience in tailoring our building specifications to produce the bespoke storage building you have in mind.

Whether you are looking to expand your business operations or need a covered area to handle overspill of orders or extra storage for equipment or inventory, our PVC steel storage buildings deliver an ideal solution.

Our customers use their single truss PVC steel storage buildings simply as storage facilities or as warehousing, where their materials or vehicles are kept, and even where machinery can be kept and operated, to ensure that they can keep everything safe and secure. They are even suitable environments for workers to operate in or take their meal breaks, nice and comfortable under cover out of the elements.

The single truss PVC steel storage building is an economical, portable but robust storage solution for heavy-duty use. It has to be built from strong components to stand up to the demands of everyday use over a long time. Kit Building Systems only uses the best quality construction materials for our structures and these buildings are built onto a strong, single-truss, galvanised steel frame and covered with a premium quality 610g/m2 PVC cladding.

The high tenacity 610g/m2 PVC polyester cladding fabric gives the heavy-duty geomembrane considerable durability with excellent fire-retardant properties, protection against UV damage and considerable tear/ puncture resistance. These properties make it very strong and reliable, and fully capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions over prolonged periods of use.

Our customers in the past have had numerous purposes in mind for their single truss PVC steel storage building and we have found that there are seven different sizes that have proven the most popular. Aside from our range of standard sizes, we are also capable of custom-designing a building for your specific purposes, if you had a different set of dimensions that would suit your needs better. For ordering bespoke designs, just discuss your requirements and preferred dimensions with our trained staff when you are ready to order.

We certainly do! We can deliver anywhere in Britain, and even delivery overseas available. For more information about delivery prices and timeframes, please contact our friendly, helpful team.

Our PVC steel buildings, even though they are big, are actually a lot easier to install than you might think. When delivered to your site, the packed building kit comes with a comprehensive set of detailed and simple to follow instructions, that almost anyone can do. However, if you will need some help with assembly and installation, we are always happy to assist. Please make sure you request this service at the time of ordering.

They are available in a range of popular colours, including green, red, grey, white, and blue but if you had something different in mind, you could enquire about alternative colours when you speak with our friendly team.

Kit Building Systems will respond to any notification of a fault and we will work to rectify the issue as swiftly as possible. We have after sales teams and customer service people always available to assist you with any questions or issues, and we provide ongoing support for all of our valued customers.

They certainly do! Kit Building Systems strictly adheres to all of the relevant UK building regulations and standard codes that protect our construction industry and our end-users. Not only are we fully compliant with our designs and construction procedures, we insist on our suppliers also being fully compliant and holding the relevant ISO accreditations. In fact, we are not only compliant to UK codes and regulations, we are also compliant with the relevant USA building codes as well.

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