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If you are looking for a heavy-duty and secure storage solution for your business, then look no further than the PVC steel storage building we have here at Kit Buildings. Whether you need it for warehousing and to house people and materials or even large machinery and equipment, it has been designed to hold up against even the most intensive working conditions and natural elements.

Built on a sturdy double-truss galvanised steel frame, 610g/m2 PVC provides the protective shelter. This material is fire retardant and UV resistant, ensuring that you, your products, materials, machinery, and anything else contained within is safe from harm.

Available in Different Sizes
To help meet the specific needs of a wide range of different customers, we have 11 different standard sizes to choose from when you order these PVC steel storage buildings. However, our time spent in the kit buildings sector has taught us that even with such an extensive range of sizes to choose from, there will still be customers who need alternative dimensions for their own structures.

That is why we offer the option of creating PVC steel storage buildings to meet your own specific needs. Simply provide details of the size you require at the time of ordering.

Variety of Main Door Options
Not only can you have a measure of customisation when it comes to the size of your PVC steel storage building, but you can also choose the type of the main door you would prefer.

We offer manual roll-up PVC doors, winch-operated steel-frame PVC doors, manual metal roller shutters and automatic metal roller shutters. So, whatever your preference, we can provide it. If you require different sizes of doors that are bigger or smaller than the standard of 3.5 x 4m, we can also oblige.

Quick and Easy Installation
When you look at the pictures of these PVC steel storage buildings above, you might be under the impression they would take a long time to assemble and erect. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as we have specifically designed them to be quick and easy to assemble and install.

When they are delivered, along with the large steel crates that contain all the parts and components, you also get full instructions that clearly map out assembly.

If you would like help, either because you just don’t have the time or workforce to spare, then don’t hesitate to request this service and we will be happy to oblige.

  • Available in standard colours green, red, grey, white, and blue, but can also be ordered in custom colours too.
  • Available for delivery up and down the UK and across the world. Contact us for more details.


Our PVC steel storage building with the double truss roofing system will certainly perform for you. It is a heavy-duty, secure storage solution for any business with applications for warehousing, or for providing shelter for your staff and your stored materials, including large machinery, vehicles and equipment.

The durable PVC steel storage building (double truss) has been designed to withstand even the most intensive working conditions, and everything the natural elements can throw at it.

The storage building is built with a robust, hot dip galvanised steel frame and the roof is reinforced with a double truss system for extra strength. The protective skin covering the steel frame is made from a strong, 610g/m2 PVC fabric and this provides the enclosed shelter.

The 610g/m2 PVC material used to clad our PVC steel storage buildings is well suited to industrial work environments. It is a high-tensile strength material that is not only fire retardant but also UV resistant and also has excellent tear resistant properties. This ensures that your staff, your stored inventory, vehicles, machinery, and anything else contained inside the building are safe from harm.

There are several industrial-purpose types of main doors suitable for entry to your storage building that you can select from. You have a choice of manual, roll-up style PVC doors, or winch-operated steel frame PVC doors. You could also choose a metal roller shutter type door, in manually operated or automatic opening options. Of course, we can custom-design a more suitable door if you have special requirements, particularly if you need a door of specific dimensions, other than standard sizes.

At Kit Building Systems, we are aware that there are a wide variety of purposes that our storage buildings might be required to provide for. That demands a variety of size options so we can meet the needs of any type of business. To satisfy the requirements of this wide range of different clients, we offer eleven standard building size options. If you need to provide specific bespoke dimensions for your own PVC steel storage structure, simply meet with our experienced team and they will guide you through the process of designing a solution that satisfies your requirements.

Yes, of course we can assist with complete, turnkey assembly and erection of your storage building. We can do the entire installation for you when the packed building arrives on site. Just book our expert installers when you place your order.

However, we do supply full installation instructions in a comprehensive, detailed format that comes with the delivery. All of our buildings have been carefully designed to ensure they are quick and easy to install and many customers are able to do it themselves. We understand that not everybody has the time or the manpower to do it themselves, and we are happy to send an experienced team to do it for you.

All of our PVC covered steel-framed buildings are available in a standard range of colours. The choice includes green, red, grey, white or blue. However, we are flexible on colour, and clients can also choose to order their building in custom colours.

While our temporary buildings may not require foundations, depending on its size, and the type of ground, semi-permanent and permanent structures usually do require foundations. At Kit Building Systems we design our structures to be erected directly onto a level, poured concrete surface without the need for foundations. However, if it is going directly onto ground with poor bearing capacity or uneven ground, it will require foundations to be installed first. That will be determined by a soil test and the foundations will need an engineering design. Every site is unique and needs to be properly assessed. Our team will assist you with these determinations and give you our expert advice.

Absolutely they are! At Kit Building Systems, we prefabricate all of our sheds, shelters and buildings at our factory, and we strictly adhere to all workshop health and safety legislation, including the UK Construction (Design and Management) Regulations of 2007. The safety of our construction personnel at our own site, and our installation contractors at your site, are of paramount importance to Kit Building Systems.

Yes, that’s no problem. We have a solid delivery network we can rely on. Shipping anywhere within the UK, and even overseas, can certainly be arranged. We send the kits securely packed in metal crates. Just ask one of our helpful team members to clarify delivery procedures and they’ll give you all the relevant details.

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