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If you own some land and either intend on keeping animals either for commercial reasons or for personal reasons or already do so, then you are probably looking for a high-quality shelter solution. At Kit Buildings, we believe our open field shelter is a great option for situations just like your own. They can be erected just about anywhere and are made from the best quality materials to ensure many years of use and protection for your animals.

Built onto an exceptionally strong, single-truss galvanised steel frame and covered with 610g/m2 PVC, these are the perfect protection against all weather. UV resistance and fire-retardant properties mean your animals are always safe from harm.

Available in Various Sizes (Including Bespoke Sizes)
Since we were established many years ago, we have had the privilege of working with a variety of different clients and customers. While some have been from commercial backgrounds, others have just been looking for structurally sound storage facilities for personal and recreational use.

Thanks to this experience, we know that not all customers have the same needs, even if they want the same kind of product. That is why we have two standard sizes available for these open field shelters – 10 x 12 x 9ft and 20 x 12 x 9ft). In addition to these two standard sizes, we are also happy to prefabricate a structure to meet your own customised dimensions. Just be sure to inform us of the size requirements when you order.

Portable, Flexible and Easy to Install
There is no denying that all the structures we have for sale here at Kit Buildings are strong and durable. In addition to those fine qualities, though, they are also incredibly portable and flexible, so that they can be adapted to your own particular uses.

To look at the pictures above, it may be intimidating to think how these structures may be put together. However, part of what gives Kit Buildings the edge over many of our rivals is that our shelters, including these open field shelters, have been designed to be easy to assemble and install.

If you are not interested in wrestling with the parts or just don’t have the manpower or time, we will be happy to come to your location and install the shelter for you. Remember to request this service when you order.

  • National UK and international delivery available. Contact us for more information.
  • Available in standard brown. Custom colours can be ordered upon request.


These open field shelters have been designed to be really easy to put together and install. If you expect there will be a problem, we will be happy to send our trained installers to do the job for you. Remember to request this service when you place your order.

People keeping livestock either for commercial reasons or for personal purposes, will be looking for a high-quality, long-lasting shelter solution. At Kit Building Systems, our portable open field shelter is a great option. It is sturdy, solidly put together with the best quality construction materials, and can take a lot of wear and tear in its stride. Not only that, they can be relocated and erected just about anywhere, which makes them a very economical and flexible option for providing protection for your animals for many years to come.

The open field shelters are constructed from some of the best quality building materials. This makes them strong and durable. The framing is an exceptionally strong, single-truss galvanised steel frame which is covered with a high-tensile strength geomembrane made from 610g/m2 PVC. This heavy-duty cladding gives the structure a 100% waterproof cover, with fire retardant and tear resistant properties. The PVC cover fabric also stands up to the harmful effects of UV light, to minimise UV sun damage to the canopy itself while at the same time shading your livestock, or protecting them from bad weather.

Our customers have different uses for their open field structures. Mostly they are used for sheltering livestock and the size you would want would be dictated by how many animals you are accommodating. However, some clients use these shelters as portable weatherproof storage solutions for equipment or machinery, or perhaps for storing stockfeed.

Most applications are suited to our two standard sizes. In addition to these standard sizes, we are also able to custom fabricate shelters to your required dimensions, according to your usage requirements. Be sure to discuss your preferences with our experienced team when you place your order.

Our open field shelters are the perfect protection against all kinds of weather. They are made of high-strength, 100% waterproof PVC material that has UV resistance and fire-retardant properties as well. This means that your animals are always protected from the hot summer sun, wet weather, and even snow.

They are available in standard brown, which most clients find suitable. However, alternative colours can be ordered upon request.

While the function of these farm shelters is maximised with the two ends remaining open for most sites, if you have other applications that would perform better with enclosure or partial enclosure, we can certainly provide custom-designed end panels and easy access, to achieve your purpose.

We certainly can! We have a reliable delivery service operating throughout Britain, and even going to international destinations. For further details about delivery costs and time frames, please contact our friendly, helpful team.

Kit Building Systems understands the conditions our structures will have to perform under, out in the field. We ensure that we only use the toughest, most reliable materials go into all of our shelters and storage buildings. The robust, rust-resistant galvanised steel frame will easily take day to day punishment from stock and horses, and the high-tensile strength PVC geomembrane is a heavy-duty cladding with excellent tear resistant properties.

We understand that anything strange and new can instil caution and reluctance with livestock, especially horses, who are particularly hesitant when confronted with something unexpected. Many of our clients have had success with tempting their animals to enter the shelter by laying down their favorite food inside, under the cover but in full sight. As expected, the lure of a free meal overcomes the animal’s reluctance sooner rather than later! Livestock and horses quickly become accustomed to their new shelter and soon realise the advantages of the shade it gives on hot days, or the shelter they can get in bad weather.

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