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Whether you have access to or own a single coach or lorry or a whole fleet of these similar kinds of large vehicles, you will want to have a suitable storage solution in place to protect your investment. At Kit Buildings, we can provide one or more of our highly robust and durable lorry/coach storage shelters.

Built upon a tough and reliable single-truss galvanised steel frame and covered in 610g/m2 PVC cladding, these will protect your large transportation vehicles from fire and the elements when they are not in use.

Available in Different Sizes (Customised Sizes Also an Option)
Obviously, the size of storage shelter you require will depend on the size and number of vehicles you need to protect. That is why we produce lorry and coach storage shelters in 5 generous standard sizes. You can choose from either 33 x 18 x 20ft, 43 x 18 x 20ft, 50 x 18 x 20ft, 60 x 18 x 20ft and 65 x 18 x 20ft. However, don’t worry if these sizes don’t match your requirements, as you can order customised coach and lorry shelters, upon request when you order.

Different Main Door Options
In addition to offering flexibility with regards to the size of your coach and lorry storage shelter, we also offer two different main door options.

You can either opt for the incredibly convenient and fast-moving automatic, metal roller shutter or the more labour-intensive but just as effective winch-operated, steel-frame PVC door. If you require multiple doors, we can also help upon request.

Easy Assembly and Installation
As a busy organisation ourselves, we know how valuable time is to your business. That is why we have designed these coach and lorry storage shelters to be as quick, hassle-free, and easy to assemble and install as possible. When they arrive at your premises, you will also find a full instruction manual that is highly detailed and has been devised so that just about anyone can follow it.

If you feel that it may be too time-consuming for you and your staff to assemble and install your coach and lorry storage shelters, however, don’t worry. At Kit Buildings, we are more than happy, upon request, to come out to your location and take care of the installation for you.

  • Available in green, red, grey, white, and blue. Custom colours available upon request.
  • UK-wide and international delivery available. Speak to one of our team for more information.


They have proved extremely suitable as temporary or moveable shelters to store large vehicles like coaches and lorries on a short-term or regular basis. Our clients have been relying on these shelters to protect their investments from all weather conditions, with the convenient, demountable structure that they can easily relocate and erect anywhere they want.

That will not be necessary for a lorry shelter. Our temporary PVC structures like this shelter do not require planning permission.

There is a standard range of colours that we find are most popular with our clients. They include green, red, grey, white, and blue. However, we can be flexible on colour, and clients can request custom colours that suit their corporate branding, existing site colours or other specifications as required.

The PVC lorry shelters are very strong and durable structures that will protect any valuable equipment or vehicles stored beneath them. They are built to exacting standards and are very robust and long-lasting. The shelters are fabricated from a tough and reliable single-truss galvanised steel frame, and are clad with waterproof 610g/m2 PVC industrial strength, high tenacity fabric. These premium construction materials will protect your large transportation vehicles from fire, the effects of UV damage, and the elements, when they are being garaged in the lorry shelter.

This storage product has been designed to be quick and simple to erect. The lorry shelter will arrive on site securely packed, complete with full, easy-to-follow installation instructions that almost anybody could follow without getting into difficulties. It won’t take too long to follow the quick, hassle-free guidelines and have your shelter up and working hard for you in no time.

Certainly, we’d be glad to help. If there will be difficulties with arranging erection of your lorry shelter at your end, we would be happy to provide our team to assist. We can send trained installers to your site to take care of it for you. Just let us know when you place your order.

Kit Building Systems provides two different choices for the main door of your shelter. One option is the fast-moving automatic, metal roller shutter door which proves very convenient and is a popular choice. Or else you could opt for the sturdy, winch-operated, steel frame PVC door if you prefer. Some clients also require multiple doors and we could discuss this option with you, prior to ordering.

The finished size you need for the lorry and coach storage shelter will depend entirely on the dimensions of the vehicles you will be protecting and also, how many. We offer a standard range of five different sizes and we find that this range suits most of our clients. However,

don’t worry if these options don’t suit your requirements, as we can fabricate customised coach and lorry shelters to your specifications, upon request.

No worries, delivery is available up and down the entire UK, and also internationally. Just contact our friendly team for more information.

Kit Building Systems understands that, by their temporary nature, many of our storage structures and shelters are only required for certain applications and when the project comes to an end they are no longer needed.

We do have a policy of buying back used, or pre-owned, structures in good condition, however this needs to be determined on an individual basis by your local sales office who will carefully assess the proposition.

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