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If you need a strong and reliable, permanent storage facility, then look no further than the insulated steel building we have available here at Kit Buildings. Made from a durable and robust double-truss steel frame and insulated sandwich panel cladding, this is the ultimate prefabricated warehousing solution.

Each section of cladding offers inbuilt PIR insulation with 50mm thickness. PIR or Polyisocyanurate insulation is widely considered to be one of the best in use in the construction and building industry. This allows you to have peace of mind that your staff, materials, machinery, products, and anything else inside these structures will be suitably protected from the adverse effects of the changing weather.

Available in Standard or Customised Sizes
Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience and an enviable reputation working with a lot of customers, many of which have become regular clients. That experience has allowed us to expand our offering. Depending on your needs and specific requirements, we have 5 generous standard sizes to choose from – 32 x 26 x 20ft, 50 x 40 x 21ft, 65 x 40 x 21ft, 100 x 50 x 24ft, 130 x 50 x 24ft and 165 x 50 x 24ft.

In addition, if these sizes are larger, smaller, or not exactly what you are looking for in an insulated steel building, we can accommodate your needs with customised dimensions. Let us know what you need at the time of purchasing.

Door Options
It’s not just the size of the insulated steel building that you can customise, we also offer a choice of different door options. For the main door, you can either opt for a standard manual door or an automatic roller shutter door that can be operated by both remote control and switch. The standard size for the door is 3.5 x 4m, but if you require a different size or multiple doors, let us know at the time of ordering.

Easy Assembly and Erection
Although our insulated steel buildings, once fully assembled and erected look very intimidating, they are actually a lot easier to install than they may seem. When delivered to your premises, they arrive with a full set of detailed and simple instructions that just about anyone can follow.

However, if due to manpower issues, time constraints or any other reasons you need some help with installation and assembly, we will be happy to oblige. Please make sure you request this service, though, at the time of ordering.

  • Available in blue, white, grey, red, and green. Custom colours may be available upon request
  • UK-wide and international delivery available. Contact us for more details.


Most definitely. We prefabricate all of our sheds and buildings at our factory and Kit Building Systems strictly adheres to all construction health and safety legislation, which includes the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations of 2007. The safety of our team at our own site, and our installers at your site, are of paramount importance to KBS.

At Kit Building Systems we design our buildings to be erected directly onto a level, poured concrete surface without the need for foundations. However, if the structure is going directly onto ground with poor bearing capacity or uneven ground, it will require foundations to be installed first. That will be determined by a soil test and the foundations will need an engineering design.

Permanent buildings will probably require foundations, depending on its size, and the type of ground. This needs to be ascertained by your local authority. Every site is unique and needs to be assessed. Our team will assist you with these determinations and give you our expert advice.

Certainly not with our insulated steel buildings. You will find that there is no issue with condensation when you install any of our insulated steel structures. The PIR insulated cladding panels are designed to protect against condensation.

Condensation can be a problem when a building has no insulation, particularly in colder weather. Single skinned metal buildings can “sweat” a little when there is a temperature discrepancy from inside to outside.

The insulated steel building is fabricated with a high-strength, double-truss galvanised steel framework, and finished with PIR sandwich panel cladding that has an internalised layer of insulation. These premium construction materials ensure that the finished product is the ultimate semi-permanent or permanent building, perfect for use in warehousing and storage for many years to come.

The sandwich panel cladding used to cover the steel framework, has 50mm thick internalised Polyisocyanurate insulation between the metal panels, sealed around every edge. This high performance, low energy PIR panel is one of the best quality products used in the construction sector. These light weight composite panels provide top quality thermal efficiency, fire safety, and long-term durability. It means that you can be confident that all your valuable equipment and inventory stored inside the building will be fully protected from adverse weather and risk of fire.

The finished size you need your new insulated steel building to be will depend on the requirements dictated by the nature of your business. All of our clients’ needs are different, however, we offer five standard sizes that satisfy the requirements of the majority of our customers.

But if the standard sizes do not suit your required specifications, we can certainly accommodate your preferred design with customised dimensions. Be sure to sit down with our friendly team members to discuss what you are looking for, before you place your order.

For the main entry door, there is a selection of suitable doors, depending on your preference. Kit Building Systems offers a choice of the standard manual door, or an automatic roller shutter door that is able to be operated by both a switch, and by remote control.

The standard door size is 3.5 x 4m but these dimensions can be customised to suit your own specific requirements. If you need a different sized door, or multiple doors, please discuss this with our friendly team when you are placing your order.

Kit Building Systems offer a popular range of standard colours that our clients can choose from. The range includes blue, white, grey, red, and green. However, should you require something different, perhaps in keeping with your corporate colours or to match your site’s existing colour combinations, custom colours may be available upon request.

Our insulated steel buildings, even though they are big, are actually a lot easier to install than you might think. When delivered to your site, the packed building kit comes with a comprehensive set of detailed and easy instructions, that almost anyone can follow. However, if you need some help with installation and assembly, we are always happy to assist. Please make sure you request this service at the time of ordering.

For some of our range of steel structures, including insulated and non-insulated buildings, you will probably require planning permission, particularly if intended for permanent construction. Our friendly team will consult with the local authorities to determine what all the requirements would be and will keep you fully informed.

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