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If you own an aircraft, for either commercial or private use, regardless of the type or size, you will want to have a secure and safe place to store it when you are not using it. At Kit Buildings, our aircraft hangar storage building is the perfect solution.

Our robust and versatile aircraft hangars are made from high quality and reliable materials including a double truss galvanised steel frame structure. Over the solid framework, we use a 610g/m2 PVC that offers both fire resistance and UV resistance. Both of which are important properties to look out for when sourcing a structure to house an expensive asset such as a helicopter or plane.

Choice of Door Openings
Depending on your preference, you can have two different door options for your aircraft hangar. For great convenience and easier access, you could, for instance, choose the sliding roll door. Whereas, if you are not worried about convenience and just want the simplest solution available, you could choose the manual roll-up PVC door. Either option will provide your structure with the security and safety you need to ensure your expensive investment is protected from damage and theft.

If you require a larger or smaller sized door or multiple entry points to your structure based on bespoke needs, contact us and we will see what we can do.

Bespoke Sizes
We have three standard size options for our aircraft hangar storage buildings to choose from. While this will be suitable for most of our clients, we understand that if you have restricted available space or more than one aircraft and other items and vehicles you want to store in the same protective structure, you may require a building tailored to your specific needs. At Kit Buildings, we can do this – make sure you contact us first with the dimensions you require, and we will provide you with what you need.

Easy Installation
All of our structures, including our aircraft hangar storage buildings, are easy to install. They are delivered to the location of your choice in large steel crates along with a detailed and easy to follow instruction manual for installation and assembly.

However, if you require help or do not want to worry about doing this yourself, we will also come out and install it for you.

  • Available in blue, white, grey, red, and green (other colours available upon request).
  • Delivered to all UK and many international destinations. Contact us for more information.


Our aircraft hangar storage buildings are a fully enclosed, safe and secure storage solution. The hangar doors are securely lockable. Customers can choose between two different types of doors, depending upon their requirements. A popular option is the sliding roller door which provides considerable convenience and easy access to the hangar.

The alternative is the manual, roll-up PVC door. Either option ensures that your structure is secure and the contents are protected at all times, from damage and theft. If you wish to discuss entry alternatives, with larger or smaller sized doors or multiple entry points, please bring up the issue at the time of placing your order.

Our aircraft hangars are designed to be storage units, primarily for aircraft, but we recognise that other items and equipment will commonly be stored along with the aircraft. These safe and secure storage buildings are the perfect solution. They are versatile and can provide as much capacity as you need to fit your requirements. We can factor in your secondary requirements at the time of order, to ensure that you will have sufficient room for all purposes.

While no structure can be entirely fireproof, we have taken the risk of fire into consideration when designing our PVC aircraft hangars, with fire safety front and foremost. We are aware that there can be flammable fuels stored in the vicinity of aircraft and we share our customer’s concerns for safety.

The aircraft hangar is constructed with a solid, galvanised steel frame that is not flammable and the PVC outer covering is constructed with a 610g/m2 PVC high tenacity polyester material. This cladding fabric is not only fire resistant but it is also tear resistant, UV resistant and 100% waterproof.

British weather certainly can be unpredictable, with fierce storms from time to time and temperatures swinging from very hot, to snow and ice. When designing the aircraft hangar to withstand weather extremes, all parameters were calculated to ensure that the finished structure would be hardy and robust under punishing conditions. Our customers can be assured that all materials chosen for construction are tested and stressed to ensure that they can withstand almost anything that mother nature can throw at them.

They are solidly constructed from high quality, durable materials and are supported by a double truss galvanised steel framework that makes them very strong and reliable.

Our aircraft hangar storage buildings are able to be versatile in their size and capacity. They can accommodate aircraft of any size, for either private use or commercial use, so you can always be assured that whatever you want to park there will be safe and secure.

The standard product comes in a choice of three sizes, to suit most requirements. However, if you require greater storage area on the one hand, or something more compact to fit a confined space on the other hand, we can discuss your needs and design a custom-sized solution, tailored specifically to your required dimensions.

You certainly do! Our standard colour range includes blue, white, grey, red, and green. However, if you would prefer something different, perhaps something to coordinate with your existing site, or corporate branding, please let us know at the time of ordering and we can offer other colours as well, which you can select from the RAL colour chart.

The entire range of Kit buildings are designed to be straightforward and easy to install and that includes the aircraft hangar storage buildings. The structure will arrive on your site packed into large steel crates. The kit is accompanied with a set of easy-to-follow instructions, for assembly and installation. The instruction manual will give full and comprehensive details to guide you in the erection of the structure. You can do it yourself, or engage local tradesmen to install it.

Should you require help with installation, that’s no problem! Our experienced construction team is available to erect the entire installation, for either a custom design or a standard type building. Our dedicated installation teams are fully trained and will assemble and complete your project quickly and safely.

With the aircraft hangar being predominantly constructed of PVC material in a modular design, it can be considered a temporary structure that can be demounted and removed. By definition then, it generally does not need planning permission but our friendly staff will ascertain the status from your local authority and keep you informed.

Semi-permanent and permanent buildings normally require foundations; however, our PVC aircraft hangars would be regarded as temporary and relocatable. It can be demounted and moved elsewhere. Ideally it must be erected on a level, poured concrete surface and wouldn’t need to be tied down on foundations. Your intended location would need to be assessed since every site has unique features and sometimes unexpected challenges. Our experienced team will assist you with these determinations and give you our expert advice.
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