20ft x 40ft x 6.5ft (6m x 12m x 2m) Container Shelter

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Measurements: Width x Depth x Height
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If you are looking to store large vehicles, products, materials, or anything so that they are safe from damage, theft and are kept clean, and have shipping containers that you are not using or want to repurpose. you may want to consider our container canopy shelter.

Built using 610g/m2 PVC fabric on a single truss steel frame, these shelters benefit from fire retardant properties and offers protection for your staff and the items and vehicles you have stored from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. There is no limit really to what they can be used for.

Available In A Variety of Sizes
As we have worked with a variety of different customers over the years, we have tried to make sure that our products will accommodate different organisations and individual’s needs. That is why when you order container canopy shelters from Kit Buildings you have the option of 6 standard sizes –

20ft x 20ft x 6.5ft

20ft x 40ft x 6.5ft

26ft x 20ft x 10ft

26ft x 40ft x 10ft

33ft x 40ft x 12ft

40ft x 40ft x 12ft

However, if these sizes do not meet your needs, then don’t worry as you can contact us at the time of enquiring with the dimensions you require, and we will be able to manufacture bespoke canopy shelters.

Back Panel or Not
As well as a measure of customisation when it comes to the size of your container canopy shelter, you also have the choice between having a back panel or not. Many of our customers prefer to invest in a shelter that allows for easy access at the front of the back. However, if you are looking to create a secure storage space, you may wish to invest in the back panel component as well.

Easy to Install
As we want to provide the best customer experience from the point of ordering a container canopy shelter to when it arrives at your chosen delivery destination, we have ensured that they are easy to install. You are given a full set of instructions, clearly laid out that make erecting these incredibly strong and weather-resistant structures simple. If, due to time and manpower issues, you don’t want to do it yourself, though, let us know at the time of ordering and we can arrange to visit your premises and erect and install it for you.

  • Available in grey and green.
  • UK-wide and international delivery. Contact us directly for more information.


On many worksites, and also on farms and factory sites, PVC shelters are a popular option to quickly and easily create a well-ventilated covered work space, or supply additional storage out of the elements. They are often used as an area for staff to relax, take meal breaks or just keep out of the weather because they are ideal to provide shade, or shelter from the rain. In addition to the storage containers on site, they provide valuable cover for any extra equipment or supplies that need to be temporarily housed and protected from the elements. And of course, they can provide temporary carports or garages where vehicles can be sheltered on the worksite for the duration of the project.

The container canopies are designed to fit over a space between two shipping containers that are already located on your site. It is a neat and efficient way to maximise that space on your yard and provide extra covered areas to store valuable equipment and machinery that either cannot fit into your storage containers or if your containers are already full.

The containers not only act as side walls for the covered area, to protect from wet weather, but they provide the support structures for the canopy which acts as a roof. The canopy is engineered to attach solidly along the edges of the container roof, one each side.

They certainly are! There are four different sizes for you to choose from and our engineers will advise you on which is the most suitable to clear the height of whatever vehicle you are wanting to cover. You will need to provide them with the vehicular dimensions, so the most suitable size can be recommended.

Kit Building System’s container canopies are extremely strong and weather-resistant structures that provide a very cost-effective way to protect valuable equipment and expand your onsite storage area. They are constructed from a durable hot dip galvanised steel frame with a tough, commercial grade, heavy duty PVC cover.

This high tenacity polyester based cladding fabric provides the geomembrane with excellent tear resistance, and is 100% waterproof. The cover is installed with a ratchet based tensioning system and the tightening and tensioning of your canopy cover will ensure a long-lasting shelter with high tensile strength.

With fire an ever-present risk on industrial sites, especially if flammable materials are being stored, Kit Building Systems has selected fire resistant fabric for our container canopies. We are confident that steel frame and the 610g/m2 PVC fire retardant material we use in construction of the canopies is the best option available in that price range and can be relied upon to offer protection from flames and fire.

The sturdy PVC canopy cladding material is not only fire resistant; it also inhibits UV damage. It stands up to the harmful effects of the sun, to help prevent UV damage to the canopy itself and your valuable equipment stored beneath it.

Basically, the container canopies function as a roof structure to protect vehicles and equipment, so it is comprised of a domed roof structure. However, some of our customers prefer to ensure greater protection from the weather and opt for a back panel to semi-enclose the space between the containers. Alternatively, the space can be fully enclosed with a PVC panel at both front and rear to achieve a secure storage space.

In order to accommodate the different requirements of all of our valued customers, the Kit Building System’s container canopy shelters can be constructed in four standard sizes. Our friendly sales staff will help you choose the size most suited to your site and what you are wanting to achieve. Of course, if none of these standard sizes are suitable, we can discuss your required dimensions and manufacture a custom-designed container canopy in the size that meets your needs.

All of the Kit Building Systems shelters are designed to be simple and easy to install, including the container canopies. Your canopy shelter will be delivered to your site, packed into large steel crates and it includes a detailed set of easy-to-follow instructions, for assembly and installation. There is no welding required for installation, so it is easy for you to install it yourself, or you could employ a local tradesman to assist.

Alternatively, we can provide qualified installers if you are unable to do it yourself. Just arrange to have Kit Building Systems provide the installation for you, at the time you place your order.

They are available in a range of popular colours, including blue, white, grey, and green but if you had something different in mind, you could enquire about alternative colours when you speak with our friendly team.

No worries, that isn’t a problem. We will deliver anywhere in the United Kingdom, and even internationally. Just contact our friendly team for more information on delivery time frames and freight charges.

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