Vehicle Shelters

Why Keep Your Vehicle in a Building or Shelter?

Coach Storage Shelter

Keeping your vehicle in insulated buildings or vehicle shelters are a perfect option to store your cars. This not only provides coverage but protects your car from condensation and outside elements.

Storing them away gives you peace of mind knowing your car is stored in an insulated shelter to fight against the coldest of climates which is a great advantage over non-insulated buildings. The major benefits of keeping your car sheltered is that the paint of the car will be less subject to fading specifically, in summer due to its rays of sun and harmful UV rays from your car deteriorating. Choosing to keep your vehicle stored away also provides protection from theft.

Additionally, whatever the width and height of your vehicle, your building/shelter can be customized for full coverage. Knowing they provide adequate storage space whether short-term or long-term, it is beneficial to consider your car situation and the purpose of storing your vehicle away.

It is imperative to install the right type and size shelter or building, as it could result in damaging your vehicle. Not only this, if the owners do not it wouldn’t allow room for open doors and walk in space and in reverse it is important to analyse the space so the building can fit in the space given especially, for the quantity of cars needing to be covered.

To know whether your vehicle is stored in an appropriate shelter or building, consider the design and materials you choose to use. To help you determine, consider whether you would want a free-standing an attached structure, do you require a fabric which tends to be temporary or a permanent structure which tends to be steel?

Popularly, customers have chosen steel as a choice of material to use to house their cars as it durable and easy to assemble. PVC shelters are also a popular choice as it is solid.

Believe it or not, some shelters are not waterproof, it is imperative for customers to do their research especially if their vehicle is a vintage/classic car. If this does become the case, customers should paint their walls and floor with waterproof epoxy.

Placement of shelters and buildings need to be situated in good location, where good space is provided considering, where drainage is and sun exposure. A poor location where flooding tends to happen would cause flooding and damage from sun rays that can damage the vehicle in the long-term.

Whilst storing your vehicle is a fantastic option, consider what is happening to the interior within the building. A deteriorated shelter within can cause problems for example, an improperly built shelter can implement condensation to form, dust and rust. These elements can cause extreme temperature to arise in the winter and summer, damaging your vehicle.