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What is the Building Configurator Tool?

Building Configurator

Our Building Configurator tool is used to customise what permanent or semi-permeant building specification you need. On the Kit Buildings website, you are able to use the tool to design your desired building. Whether it’s a PVC building, steel building or insulated building you need, the tool adjusts to give you an idea of the product you desire. You are able to remove parts of the building, envision the surrounding space internally and externally.

The properties of the tools you have access to at Kit Buildings follows:


  • Widths available from 5m to 30m
  • Eave height from 3m to 7m


  • PVC roof
  • Non-insulated steel sheet roof
  • You have the access to virtually add and remove the roof of your kit building to suit your preference


  • PVC side walls
  • Non-insulated sheet walls
  • Insulated steel sheet walls
  • You are able to virtually envision the walls of the kit building by adding and removing the walls

Access & Windows

  • Section door
  • Roller shutter door
  • Single Personnel door 1m x 2m
  • Window 1m x 1m
  • Winch PVC door

Cladding Colours

  • RAL 5010 Gentian Blue is available for the building walls
  • RAL 6020 Chrome (Green) is available for the walls
  • White is available for the roof and walls
  • Grey is available for the wall and roof


  • You are able to virtually view the kit building with and without frames


  • You are able to virtually view the kit building with and without the openings

You have the access to zoom in and out and use the camera to view the modification of the finishing of the customised building.

After deciding on the building, you need, you can submit your building to us and we will handle the rest. The pro about this tool is you have the option to purchase or rent the building. This is all fulfilled in the comfort of your home.

The success in having the ability to customise your building, avoids choosing your standard ridged buildings but instead allows room for you to visually see what you are purchasing. This not only puts your mind at ease but it allows the construction to be free-flowing.

This helps customers to be able to purchase their desired building from the comfort of their home rather than purchasing online or describing what they require via contacting. This avoids disappointment for the customer and improves satisfaction with the business.